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Translation and Interpretation

Translation, interpretation

personalised to your needs.
I learnt Spanish by moving to the south of Spain in 2007 where I studied Spanish and began working in Property Maintenance and Management.  After 5 years I moved to Ecuador where I trained Ecuadorian staff and worked in Spanish for a couple of years.  I then moved back to Alicante, Spain where I have been living and working as a self employed property manager for the last 11 years.
A large part of my success is due to the fact that I offer a very personal service to each one of my clients. Interpretation and translation is a large part of my day to day work as most are not Spanish speakers.
The services I provide include:-
  • All of my maintenance and renovation staff are Spanish Nationals. During renovations I translate all estimates into English from Spanish for all my clients, and liaise and translate between my clients and staff.
  • Translating documents, emails and more from Spanish into English, and vise versa.
  • Attending community meetings in Spanish on their behalf and reporting back to them with minutes and decisions made.
  • Contacting utility suppliers, liaising with Spanish work men, insurance companies, estate agents and more in Spanish.
  • Accompanying clients to bank meetings, solicitors meetings and anything else they request to interpret Spanish and translate from Spanish to English and vise versa.
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