Assisted Buying in Alicante Center

Searching personally for you 

I can help you find the perfect property, hassle free. 

You pay nothing extra for my help-

  • I work with local estate agents to find what you want in a property here in central Alicante, and surrounding areas, at the price that suits you. 

  • I can offer renovations, architect services and even furnishing and design. 

  • I can then manage your apartment, key hold for emergencies, deliveries and more.

  • I can prepare the apartment for your stays or even rent it out in your absence to help you recoup the costs.  Details are listed on the Property Management Page.

  • Buying for investment?  Then I can find exactly what you are looking for, help you through the buying process, renovate or repair anything required and manage it for student, holiday or long term rental.

  • I can manage the whole process of obtaining a tourist licence for your property and even check if you can obtain it before you buy.

All my clients have personally adapted contracts designed specifically for them. 

Transparency for everyone.