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What is a Property Manager?

I had a client call me the other day to talk about buying an investment property here in Alicante and he said, "'re a property manager, I never realised that was actually a thing until I found your website..."

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From the outside property management is calm, organised and smiling. Waiting in an immaculately clean apartment to greet clients all happy and arriving for their holidays. Simply explaining everything to them, beach, bars, restaurants etc. Then returning to collect keys and being left behind in paradise while their return to their real lives. Not bad.

And, yes, this is part of it. And an enjoyable part for me. Meeting new people and helping them to have a great time is the easy part.

I didnt train as a Property Manager. I trained in Sport and Exercise. I have trained the Scottish Fire Service, had my own Personal Training company, Implemented Management systems for gyms, painted half of Andalusia and managed numerous properties in Southern Spain and now Alicante.

My organisation and problem solving skills have enabled me to be self employed for nearly all of my working life. Project Managers have great communication skills, planning and problem prevention skills, are calm in a crisis, know way too much about plumbing and electrics and are willing to work all hours of the day and year.

For the owners of the apartments we manage, we are crisis averters (its a new word), problem solvers, interpreters, personal shoppers and trusted to look after their apartments like it were our own.

To guests we are tour guides, restaurant bookers, bike hirers, interpreters, taxi bookers and usually the reason why their arrival is so easy.

And this is only for the holiday properties I manage!

So what is a Property Manager? The most well trained, adaptable and helpful person you will ever meet. Well....thats what they tell me.

If you are thinking of buying to invest or

for a holiday home then get in touch.

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